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NWFFL 2002

2002-03 Transactions page 

2002-03 Trade Options/Draft Drops
Owner Trade Option
Renegades trade WR Antonio Freeman to
 Rejects for RB Garrison Hearst  (9/14/02)
Gators trade WR Q.Ismail to
Wild Bunch 2
for WR T.Owens(9/23/02)
Off Season Trade: Southside Thunder Sent WR K.Johnson to Wild Bunch 2 for RB D.Staley(1/20/03)
Off Season Trade Option: Big Daddy Sent RB E. James to Wild Bunch 2 for 10 pick in 2003 Draft. Wild Bunch 2 Pics 11 (8/7/03)


Note: Renegades used one of their two free picks on 9/1/02.Placed TE M.Battaglia on waivers!

Renegades picks up RB Garrison Hearst from Rejects for WR Antonio Freeman on 9/14/02 (Active for week 3)

2nd Free Pickup : Renegades Drop FB Fred Beasley

Pic: QB T.Maddox

Drop PK J.Chandler Picked PK M.Hollis (9/18/02)


Drop: WR K.Dyson,WR T.Hambrick

Picks: QB R.Peete,RB K.Faulk(2 Free)

Trade option: Trades WR T.Owens SF to Wild Bunch 2 for

WR Q.Ismail Ind.(9/25/02)

Drops :QB R.Peete

Picks : RB M.Williams (10/25/02) $3.00


Wild Bunch 2

Wild Bunch uses both free trades for following players

Drop: WR Peter Warrick  Pic:WR Ricky Proehl (9/16/02)

Drop: RB Shawn Bennett  Pic: PK Morten Anderson(9/16/02)

Drops:PK J.Hall Picks:WR J.Pathon (9/30/02) $3.00 paid

Trade Option

Trades WR T.Owens to Gators for WR Q.Ismail(free)



Drops: PK B.Conway

Pics: PK G.Anderson (10/3/02)free


 Rejects pickup WR Antonio Freeman from Renegades for RB Garrison Hearst on 9/14/02. Active for week 3


Downtown Brown

Downtown brown uses free pic to get QB David Carr Hou. Drops QB Trent Dilfer Sea.

Goin Postal

(9/3/02 1:48pm)Goin Postal uses one of two free picks: Takes WR J.Smith Jac. Places WR B.Shaw on waivers!

(9/30/02 5:42pm) Goin Postal uses 2nd free pic:Takes RB M.Shipp & Drops TE K.Dilger

(10/04/02 8:34pm) Goin Postal drops QB V.Testaverde

Picks: QB J.Harrington ($3.00 paid)

(10/12/02)  Drops: RB M.Shipp

Picks: TE C.Fauria (3.00 paid)


Southside Thunder

Drops: QB C.Weinke,TE D.Sloan

Pics: TE R.McMachael, PK P.Dawson (9/23/02)Free

Drops: PK B.Gramatitica

Picks: RB L.Gordan(9/25/02) $3.00 paid

Drops: RB T.Wheatley

Picks: RB J.White (9/30/02) $3.00 paid

Off Season Trade: Sent WR K.Johnson to Wild Bunch 2 for RB D.Staley(1/20/03)

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